Process Overview

Class rosters in GullNet can help faculty view the clearance status of students in their classes.  A student can be flagged as not-clear for different reasons (suspension, testing compliance, quarantine/isolation, etc), and those statuses are highlighted in different ways on class rosters when a not-clear indicator is set by SU departments or various processes.  Currently, PCR COVID-19 test result files, or the absence of a PCR test within the required testing policy will automatically set a not-clear grade roster highlight the following colors:

Yellow - signifies a “not clear” status due to medical reasons (and there may be a need to work with students to make up work)

Blue/Grey - signifies a “not clear” status due to non-medical reasons (noncompliance with testing policies, suspension, or other)

PCR Test results are processed several times daily, and and this process will set a roster highlight above automatically. 

Generally, if a student has questions about how to get cleared from a positive test or quarantine, they should contact student health services.


  1. If a student tests positive, how long before they show up on the roster as yellow?
    1. Each day, available PCR result files are processed that will immediately set any positive result to yellow on a grade roster.
    2. An email is sent to the student automatically with their positive result.  Additional help resources and guidance are also sent.
  2. How can a student get cleared from a positive roster setting? 
    1. Campus Health (and in some cases Student Health Services) ultimately makes the decision on whether a student can be cleared in GullNet based on available information.  They must manually clear a student; this process is not automated.
  3. Is there a lag between medical clearance and roster clearance?
    1. Clearing a highlight on a roster is a manual process.  A member of Campus Health must clear any student if their status had previously been sent to not-clear for medical reasons.  When Campus Health sets the clearance status, the highlight is removed on a roster.
  4. If a student is delinquent, and therefore gray, and then gets a negative test, how long before the roster designation turns from gray to clear? Is there a lag between a negative test and roster clearance?
    1. The roster designation turns from gray to clear as soon as a valid PCR test result is loaded into the system.  This happens when the results arrive (generally 48 hrs after taking the test), so there is a lag between when a person takes a test and the actual result that sets the roster highlight is completed.  
  5. If a student says they were tested, but the roster still shows blue/gray, what steps should be taken?    
    1. Only SU PCR tests currently remove the blue/gray roster highlight.
    2. A student that takes an external (non-PCR at Salisbury University) test will not currently remove a blue/gray roster highlight. 
  6. If a student reports they were cleared to return from quarantine, but the roster still highlights them yellow, what steps should be taken?  
    1. The student should contact Campus Health for guidance.   Campus Health ultimately makes the decision to release a student from quarantine (and they can also clear the roster highlight)
  7. A student reports that they could not attend because they were quarantined but there is no yellow highlight in the roster, what action is required?  
    1. Official SU quarantine direction to students must come from Campus Health.  A student that self-isolates/quarantines without reporting that activity to Campus Health will not be factored into grade roster highlights.  
  8. A student reports they could not attend because they failed the daily screening, but there is no roster indication.  What action is required?  
    1. Students that fail the daily screening should contact Campus Health, per the instructions on the screening app.