This guide covers all of your student accounts, as well as how to login and change your password.

Applicants and Admitted Students

When you are first accepted to the University as an applicant, you are given your SU username and a temporary GullNet password.

  • This is used to access GullNet prior to matriculation, when your SU account is activated and you are eligible to register for classes.
  • During this time frame only, you will be able to have a new password sent to the email you designated on your application through the Trouble logging in? link on the left side of the GullNet logon page at

Your SU Account and Password

  • Once your SU account is created (usually just before Orientation) your SU account will be active for the following systems:
  • Your SU username will remain the same username you were using as an applicant prior to your SU account being created; however, your password will revert to your original GullNet login and will be locked for changes until July 1st after Orientation for students admitted for the Fall semester, or until January 15th for students admitted for the Spring semester.
  • Once your SU account is active, you can no longer change your default email in GullNet.
  • As long as you are taking at least one class at Salisbury University, or have taken a class within the past 12 months, your SU account will be active. Also, a student who also has a faculty/staff account will only be able to register for classes and perform other student activities on his or her student account.
  • Your e-mail and GullNet accounts are removed 12 months after your last class at Salisbury University ends.

Your Email Address

Your email address is, where “username” is your SU username. You can access your email at Campus Email Web Access


Note for parents: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) limits the amount of assistance we can provide to anyone except the owner of the account (the student). For more information, visit

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