When entering information into Faculty Success for CV Data, you will find the location for each field below.  



Education Information

General Information > Education

Academic, Government, Military, and Professional Positions

General Information > Academic, Government, Military and Professional Positions

Administrative Assignments

General Information > Administrative Assignments

Licensures and Certifications

General Information > Licensures and Certifications

Development Activities Attended

General Information > Faculty Development Activities Attended

Awards and Honors – Leadership

General Information > Awards and Honors

Professional Memberships

General Information > Professional Memberships


Teaching Experience

Automatically Generated Field

Non-Credit Instruction

Teaching > Non-Credit Instruction Taught

Directed Student Learning

Teaching > Directed Student Learning (e.g., theses, dissertations)

Academic Advising

Teaching > Academic Advising

Awards and Honors – Teaching

General Information > Awards and Honors


Published Intellectual Contributions

Scholarship/Research > Intellectual Contributions

Presentations Given

Scholarship/Research > Presentations

Artistic and Professional Performances Exhibits

Scholarship/Research > Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Scholarship/Research > Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

Awards and Honors – Research

General Information > Awards and Honors

Intellectual Contributions in Submission

Scholarship/Research > Intellectual Contributions

Research Currently in Progress

Scholarship/Research > Research Currently in Progress


Department Service

Service > Department

School/College Service

Service > School

University Service

Service > University

Professional Service

Service > Professional

Public Service

Service > Public


General Information > Consulting

Awards and Honors - Service

General Information > Awards and Honors

Media Contributions

General Information > Media Contributions

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