This page has information about enrolling, viewing and dropping classes from your schedule in GullNet.

Enroll in classes

  • Click Main Menu>Self-Service>Enrollment>Enrollment: Add Classes
  • Choose the Current Term. Click Continue.
  • This will take you right into your class schedule to Add Classes. (Only if you have courses in your shopping cart)

Accessing the catalog or schedule of classes

  • Click Main Menu>Self-Service>Class Search/Browse Catalog
  • You can do a Class Search (putting classes in shopping cart) or browse the Course Catalog (General information)

Add a class

  • Click Main Menu>Self-Service>Class Search/Browse Catalog>Class Search.
  • Using the drop down menus, select the correct TERM
  • Using the drop down menus, select the COURSE SUBJECT and your COURSE CAREER (ex. Undergraduate or Graduate)
  • (Optional) In the blank next to the COURSE NUMBER, type in the course number of the subject.
  • (Optional) Uncheck Show open classes only to see all classes offered, even closed.
  • Then click SEARCH.
  • Select the class that you want and follow through the confirmation buttons until you have completely added the class.
  • Use the drop down menus to select other COURSE SUBJECTS and add other courses.
  • When you are all finished click the FINISH ENROLLING button at the bottom of your class list.

Drop a class

  • Click Main Menu>Self-Service>Enrollment>Enrollment: Drop Classes
  • Choose the Current Term
  • Click on CONTINUE.
  • Click the checkbox next to each class that you want to drop.
  • Repeat the above steps for other classes that need to be dropped in other terms.

Swap Classes

  • Click Main Menu>Self-Service>Enrollment>Enrollment: Swap Classes
  • Select the Term and then the class you want to swap.
  • Find the class you want to switch it with by doing a  SEARCH for the class, selecting a class from your SHOPPING CART or entering the CLASS NUMBER.
  • Once you have found the class you want to switch, click on the FINISH SWAPPING button.

Print your schedule

  • Click Main Menu>Self Service>Enrollment>My Class Schedule
  • Select the Term that you wish to print.
  • (Optional) Select Weekly Calendar view
  • Click on File>>Print

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