There are two types of locks on campus that require your Gull Card:

1. Proximity Locks – These locks are mostly found on building exteriors and computer lab doors. These locks require you to hold your Gull Card up to the reader flat against the access panel in order to gain access.

2. Onity Locks – These locks are used to gain access to particular rooms such as residence hall rooms, offices, classrooms, etc. These locks require you to drop your Gull Card into a reader in order to gain access.   Gull Cards are physically programmed (encoded) at certain locations on campus.

Who do I need to contact for door access?

Faculty and Staff 

  • contact your immediate supervisor


  • For access to housing – contact your Resident Director
  • For access to classrooms and labs – contact your instructor
  • If you are employed on campus – contact your supervisor.

What should I do if there is a problem gaining access to a particular area or door?

Inspect your Gullcard.  If it is damaged please visit the GullCard Office in the bookstore.

See the above in regards to who can help you gain access to a specific  door. 

If you need access to a door, or if your access has been removed, a support request should be created by going to .  Select GullCard from the Site Navigation and then choose your appropriate request type.  

Both types of doors:

It is important to understand that door access to proximity locks (hold your card up to the black square near the door to access) and Onity locks (put your card into the door lock on the handle) works differently on your GullCard.  Your card could work for one type of door and not the other type because of a card issue and not necessarily an issues with your door access.  If your GullCard works on one type of door, but not the other (ie: your card works on all Onity doors but not Proximity, or just the opposite), then most likely there is an issue with your GullCard and you should visit the SU Bookstore to get a new card.  You should test your card on several of the same types of doors.  Make a note of which doors your card works and does not work on.  

Proximity locks (access doors by holding up your card against the black square near the door): 

If this is a new card you may be denied access when used for the first time.  You may receive a red, denied access, response on your first attempt using the card.  Please wait 1 minute after your first attempt for card access to be granted.  Scan again after 1 minute and you should receive a green, access granted, response.   If you put your card up to the door and it turns red a second time, your card is denied and you do not have access to this door or there is an issue.  See the above instructions concerning checking your OnCampus Clearance, speak with your Resident Agent/Supervisor/Instructor, and if needed complete a support request using the instructions above.  Be sure to include all details in the support ticket(which doors, when, what light color, your current status, etc).