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Vizio Televisions

  1. Press the Input button on the remote control and select “TV”.
  2. Press the Menu button on the remote.
  3. Select “Tuner” and press OK.
  4. Check the “Tuner Mode” settings. It should say “Cable”. If it says “Antenna” press the left arrow button on the remote to change it to “Cable”.
  5. Go to “Auto Channel Scan” and press the OK button on the remote.

The TV will scan for channels. Once the progress bar on the TV screen reaches 100% you will be able to access all of your TV channels.

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Sony Televisions

  1. Using your remote or the buttons on the TV itself, locate the Menu or Home button.

  2. Use the updown or left and right buttons to move through the on-screen menu and locate the Set up or Settingsmenu.

    NOTE: All TVs are different in terms of the auto program procedures. The following is a general guide, but the steps or the terminology may be different for your model. Go to Manuals, Specifications & Warranty.

  3. Select System or Channels.
  4. Select Program channelsAuto program, or Digital scan
  5. Press Select, Enter or OK to start the scan.

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Samsung Televisions

  1. Connect an RF coaxial cable from the antenna and/ or cable line to the proper input on the back of the TV (see illustration below).

    Note: If the [Air+Cable] option is available in your menu on Step 4 below, you can connect both a direct cable line and an antenna to the TV at the same time. If the [Air+Cable] option is not available in your menu on Step 4 below, you cannot connect both a direct cable line and an antenna to the TV at the same time. 

  2. Press [Menu] on your remote to bring up the Main Menu. Then, press [Arrow Down] to the Channel Menu, and then press [Enter].
  3. Press [Arrow Down] to Auto Program, and then press [Enter].
  4. Press [Arrow Up or Down] to select Air, Cable, or Air+Cable, and then press [Enter].

    Important: If you selected AIR, the TV will automatically start the auto program. Skip to Step 6. If you selected CABLE or AIR+CABLE, continue to step 5.
  5. Select the cable system that your cable company uses for both digital and analog channels. Do this by pressing [Arrow Up or Down], and then [Enter] for both the analog and digital sections. 

    Note: Select the same cable system for both the Digital and Analog channels.

    Hint: The most common cable system is STD, however some smaller cable companies still use the older HRC or IRC systems.
  6. "Start" is now highlighted. Press [Enter] to begin the memorization process. Your TV cycles through all of the channels for the antennas you selected in Step 4.
  7. After the Auto Program is complete, press [Exit] to begin watching TV.

Note: If you selected AIR+CABLE, you can switch between both inputs by pressing [Antenna].

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Panasonic Televisions

  1. Turn on the Panasonic Viera by pressing the "Power" button on the TV or on the remote.
  2. Press the "Menu" button on the remote to display the main menu on the TV.
  3. Highlight the "Setup" option by pressing the down button on the remote repeatedly. Press "OK" to enter the Setup menu.
  4. Highlight the "Program Channel" option, and then press "OK" to enter the Program Channel menu.
  5. Press the right or left remote button to select "Cable" in the ANT In box. 
  6. Press the down button to select "Auto," and then press "OK."
  7. Press "OK" again to start searching for both digital and analog channels. To search only for analog or digital channels, select "Analog only" or "Digital only." The process may take about eight to 14 minutes; if you are just searching for analog channels, the process usually takes less than two minutes.

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