To create a forwarding rule in Outlook Web App for Office 365 (Students)

  1. Click the Options gear in the upper right corner, and then choose Mail from Your App Settings.
    mail options
  2. In accounts, click Forwarding.
  3. Click Start Forwarding and enter an email address to receive your forwarded email.
    forwarding options
  4. Choose to keep a copy of the forwarded messages and click Save.

To turn off forwarding, follow the above steps to reach the Forwarding option, and then choose Stop forwarding and click Save.

To create a forwarding rule in Outlook Web App (Faculty and Staff)

  1. Click the Options icon at the top right corner and then choose Options.
  2. Click Organize email and then choose inbox rules.
  3. Click the Plus sign to get a drop-down menu, then choose to create a new rule for arriving messages...
    inbox rules
  4. Give the rule a name, and then select what email to apply the rule to when email arrives from the dropdown. In most cases you'll want to apply to all messages.
    new inbox rule
  5. In Do the following, choose to Redirect the message to... 
  6. At the popup screen, in the To field type in the address to receive your forwarded email and then click OK.
  7. You can verify that the email is correct and add more options if you wish. If you're satisfied, click Save.
  8. Click Yes to the warning, and then Ok to the second warning.

To turn off the rule, follow the steps to get to inbox rules above and remove the check from the checkbox next to the rule.