• Enter your Department ID  

  • Select Copy 

  • Place your originals on the platen glass or in the feeder. For originals such as books and thick/thin paper which cannot be loaded in the feeder, place the original on the platen glass. If you want to scan 2-sided originals or continue to scan several sheets of originals, place them in the feeder.
    • If <Auto Collate> is set to <On>, the Collate mode is automatically set when you place your originals in the feeder. 
      When the screen for selecting the original thickness appears, select the thickness of the original being used.

  • Enter the number of copies using the numeric keys on the Copy Basic Features screen. 
  • Specify the copy settings as necessary.
  • Press Start
  • Select Close and Log Out

More information on advanced options can be found on Canon's Website 

You are evaluating Refined.