This guide covers faculty and staff sending an email to all faculty, all staff, all students, or to all of these groups.

Emails sent to Campus-wide groups including All SU Staff, All SU Students, and All SU Faculty are moderated and only approved for use from limited email accounts.  

All others should consider using SUToday for communication.  Information on how to post on SUToday can be found at

Alternatively, requests for emails can be made through the Marketing and Communications Support Center.  Select Emails and Digital Newsletters for the request type and provide detailed information. 

Those with access to send to Campus-wide email groups please verify that the email needs to be sent and proof read it carefully.   Once an email is sent and read, it is not able to be "recalled".

  1. Compose the message from your SU email address and place your SU email address in the send to field.  You should see that the email is being sent from you and to you only.
  2. Enter the SU group (All SU Faculty, All SU Staff, or All SU Students) from the Global Address Book in the BCC field.  (This keeps recipients from accidentally using reply-all and sending a reply to the entire group but allows you to get all replies)
  3. Send your email.

Note:   If you don’t see the BCC field in your email option to send to, click the Options tab, and then click BCC in the Show Fields group.


Please do not send campus wide emails as "high priority".

If possible, please use websites or links to files on websites to send information rather than sending attachments when possible.

If you need to send an email to a subset of the campus, you can create a personal group in Outlook to send the email to that group.

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